Bat Masterson Episode Guide - (Oct. 8, 1958 to June 1, 1961)

1ª Temporada
Double Showdown 10/8/58 Gambler and saloon-keeper Big Keel Roberts owns a lively, lucrative Arizona town.  Bat comes to town on behalf of a friend who Big Keel is crushing.  This story - a matter of historic legend from the 1870's with two different endings - is shown with both conclusions.
Two Graves for Swan Valley 10/15/58 Tough, hot-tempered Sgt. Foley orders Bat out of Swan Valley - Bat has become interested in Foley's girl Molly Doyle.
Dynamite Blows Two Ways 10/22/58 Sometimes-cattleman Bat wins a herd in a poker game.  Ruthless rancher Raoul Cummings blocks his route to the Cheyenne stockyards.
Stampede at Tent City 29 10/29/58 Laura Hopkins calls Bat for help.  She and others are herding horses and breaking them for sale to the army.  When turmoil leads to gunfire, the inevitable happens - a stampede of wild horses.
The Fighter 11/5/58 Sportsman Bat admires a promising young boxer.  Bat entices the manager into a poker game and wins the fighter's contract.
Bear Bait 11/12/58 Acting as guide, Bat takes on a party bent on hunting bear.  As the expedition moves forward, Bat reassess that three of his companions are fugitives from murder and robbery charges in other states.
A Noose Fits Anybody 11/19/58 The smartest deck-hand (card deck, that is) in the West - Bat Masterson - is about to be gunned down during a game when trigger-happy Ben Thompson saves his life.
Dude's Folley 11/26/58 Joe Quince tries running Jan and Woody Larkin out of town because he wants the store they inherited from their father.  In the midst of this danger, Bat agrees to teach Woody how to handle a gun.
The Treasure of Worry Hill 12/3/58 Prospector Bat seeks a reputedly fabulous cache.
Cheyenne Club 12/17/58 Influential John Conant calls Bat to Cheyenne.  The most adept card player of the frontier, Bat is able to test the rumors that Steve Haley (Conant's daughter's fiancee) is a poker cheat.
Sherman's March through Dodge City 12/24/58 Bat mixes in politics when President Rutherford B. Hayes and Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, the scourge of Atlanta, come to Dodge City on a campaign tour.
Trail Pirate 12/31/58 Between the scorching desert and ruthless trail pirates, wagon train after wagon train are destroyed.  The unique method the pirates use to lure the wagons astray puts Bat on the track of a monstrous conspiracy.
Double Trouble in Trinidad  1/7/59 Learning that a man is impersonating him in the town of Trinidad, Bat proceeds to imitate his imitator. 
Election Day  1/14/59 Trail boss Bat runs afoul of an illegal toll as he leads a drive to the trail head.
One Bullet from Broken Bow 1/21/59 At the request of Gen. Phil Sheridan, heroic Bat challenges renegade Chief Stone Calf.  Purpose of the challenge: rescue the Rafferty sisters from Stone Calf's war party which kidnapped them.
A Personal Matter  1/28/59 Outlaw Bailey Harper says Bat will never find him.  After Harper steals Bat's gun, money, and horse, Bat tests his skill at trailing fugitives.
License to Cheat 2/4/59 The sheriff of Mason City insists that Bat join the Protective Gamblers' Association.  The group seems unsavory to Bat - he refuses and is thrown behind bars by the sheriff.
Sharpshooter 2/11/59 Bat, frequent target of gunfighters, falls into the sights of Harry Varden's trigger man because Varden, saloonkeeper in Dodge City, fears that Bart plans to relieve him of some property.
River Boat 2/18/59 Bat is relieved of $10,000 in a daring riverboat holdup.
Battle of the Pass 2/25/59 Bat commands one of the forces in a railroad war.  Mace Pomeroy, frantically attempting to beat General Moran in laying tracks through a canyon, offers Bat a small fortune to help fight Moran.  Bat, however, decides for Moran and ends up in a historic gang fight in the wilds of the canyon country.
Marked Deck 3/11/59 Morganville's bully-boy, Dan Morgan, cheats Bat in a poker game.  Bat executes a bold plan to retrieve his money: he discovers the names of Morgan's other victims and sets out to settle scores for them as well as for himself. 
Incident at Leadville 3/18/59 Lady newspaper editors are a great and colorful frontier tradition.  One of them, Jo Hart, inveighs against Bat, calling him a ruthless gunman and scoundrel.
The Tumbleweed Wagon 3/25/59 When one of Bat's friends is murdered, Bat is deputized as a federal officer to conduct the suspect - outlaw Luke Steiger - to Fort smith for trial.  However, Steiger disappears on the night before he and Bat leave for their destination.
Brunette Bombshell 4/1/59 Sports-fan Bat fails to see eye to eye with the Denver Fire Department about the fire hazards of the Denver Athletic Club.  Bat has just bought the institution - but the Fire Commissioner declares it a fire risk and orders it torn down.
Deadline 4/8/59 Champion of justice Bat and lovely Lorna Adams race against time and the executioner in an unusual adventure triggered by a stagecoach holdup.
Man of Action 4/22/59 Bat calls on his tailor at Junction, New Mexico.  However, the well-known craftsman is unable to serve Bat because of his political duties.  This leads to an unusual adventure for Bat.
A Matter of Honor 4/29/59 Austrian nobleman Anton von Landi, short of funds on the American frontier, holds up a gambling casino.  Unfortunately for him, Bat is in the process of buying into the establishment.
Lottery of Death 5/13/59 Bat discovers that half of a great deal of money is still a great deal of money.  With his usual skill, Bat is winning a poker game in Tucson when one of the players stakes half of a lottery ticket and Bat wins it
The Death of Bat Masterson 5/20/59 Bat is pleased to announce that reports of his death are much exaggerated.  When he tries to withdraw on his account in a Bonanza, Colorado bank, he learns that the account was closed because he is "deceased."
The Secret is Death 5/27/59 A crime wave sweeps Cheyenne, putting a burden upon the Territorial Administrator.  He turns to the one man he knows can handle his problem - Bat Masterson.
Promised Land 6/10/59 In a community of reformed law breaks, Bat finds himself their bank president.
The Conspiracy, part one 6/17/59 Fifteen years after the fact, Bat finds himself involved in the Lincoln assassination conspiracy.
The Conspiracy, part two  6/24/59 Fifteen years after the fact, Bat finds himself involved in the Lincoln assassination conspiracy.
The Black Pearls 7/1/59 Priceless black pearls, a masterly train robbery, and a murderous cellmate figure in Bat's adventure resulting from being jailed on suspicion of cheating at cards.
The Desert Ship 7/15/59 Spanish gold and fabulous wealth lure many parties of treasure hunters to destruction in the Colorado Territory.
The Romany Knives 7/22/59 Never is Bat's chivalry so sorely tested as when he's offered a number of valuable gifts - including a beautiful girl - in reward for services to an old gypsy.
Buffalo Kill 7/29/59 Bat risks his scalp on an expedition to buy buffalo hides in dangerous Indian country.  Luke Simes, the man originally assigned to the job, had made some unflattering remarks about Bat's method of dress.

2ª Temporada
To the Manner Born 10/1/59 Bat resorts to dueling pistols to expose the cowardice of self-styled "Colonel" Marc James, Confederate deserter.  Bat ends the colonel's career as gambler and blackmailer.
Wanted ... Dead  10/15/59 In a determined stand on the side of justice, Bat puts himself between a trigger-happy sheriff and a reformed gunman who is involved in a recent killing.
No Funeral for Thorn 10/22/59 A true friend to his friends, Bat rushes to the bedside of dying thorn Loomis.  He's caught in the cross fire when two towns are battling for the privilege of being named county seat.
Shakedown at St. Joe 10/29/59 Is Bat going to the local opera house at St. Joe, Missouri, because he's a music lover, or because of his ex-girlfriend Dora Miller?
Lady Luck  11/5/59 Bat takes a firm stand when two beautiful girls and their father are blackmailed.  The scene of the activity is the Lady Luck, one of Sacramento's gayest gambling casinos.
Who'll Buy My Violence  11/12/59 In the history of American commerce, Bat is probably one of the first to take a firm stand for fair trade.  Buying one of his famous bowlers at Sharon Stabler's store, he's outraged by the price.  Reason for the exorbitant tab: Barney Kaster has a monopoly on riverboat cargo.
Dead Men Don't Pay Debts 11/19/59 Bat calls a halt to a deadly gun-shooting feud between the Clementses and the Bassetts.  Bat claims the right to interfere because of money owned him by the Bassetts.
Death and Taxes 11/26/59 Sheriff tim Lockhart asks Bat to help him collect the county taxes.  They learn that some people are evading tax assessment by shipping their assets out of the county.
Bat Plays a Dead Man's Hand 12/3/59 Bat turns lawyer to fight the tyrannical rule of Phil Hood.  Hood uses the law to his own ends, stifling the freedom and life of the town.
Garrison Finish 12/10/59 It's Bluegrass thoroughbred versus Western quarter horse when Gen. Moran wagers a railroad that his Bluegrass racer can beat Col. Pierce's mount.
The Canvas and the Cane 12/17/59 Bat becomes interested in a painting purchased by his friend Teresa Renault.  There is some question as to the authenticity of the picture, and Bat stakes a large sum on his conviction that it's the real thing.
The Inner Circle 12/31/59 Equal rights for all is Bat's motto in his fight against the Inner Circle.  The all-male Inner Circle is determined to keep the women from voting.
The Pied Piper of Dodge City 1/7/60 The famous Peace Commission photograph - a treasure in the archives of western history - results from a unique adventure involving Bat, Luke Short, Charlie Baset, Wyatt Earp, Neal Brown, Bill Harris and Frank McLean. 
A Picture of Death 1/14/60 Bat is intrigued by the ancient and honorable question:  Are all four of a trotting horse's feet off the ground at the same time?
Pigeon and Hawk 1/21/60 Empire builder Bat becomes involved in a "coup" involving a valuable black mining stock on the Denver market. 
Flume at the Mother Lode 1/28/60 In order to carry on as a gold miner, Bat becomes party to a timber war.
Death by the Half Dozen 2/4/60 Kidnappers force Bat to deliver a ransom note.  The victim, a young bridge, is saved by Bat has the job of rounding up the outlaws.
Deadly Diamonds 2/11/60 Sometimes silver-miner Bat believes the "proof is in the mining."  suspecting a hoax is being perpetrated on the citizens of Leadville, Bat buys into a mine of questionable worth.
Mr. Fourpaws 2/18/60 On a seemingly routine trip to investigate a shortage in a small town bank, Bat finds a dead man, makes the acquaintance of a larcenous dog, and is very nearly killed himself.
Six Feet of Gold 2/25/60 Bat finds himself doing a most unwelcome land office business.  Accepting a parcel of wasteland from Lisa Truex in payment for a debt, he decides to turn it into a graveyard.  He subsequently finds that through hanky-panky at the Land Office, has has been branded a swindler.
Cattle and Canes 3/3/60 It's cane against against guns when Bat steps into a range war.  Having chosen his side of the fact, he's not responsive to being urged at gunpoint to become "turncoat" to the people he favors.
The Disappearance of Bat Masterson 3/10/60 Bat may not be able to pull rabbits out of his famous derby hat, but legerdemain isn't a complete mystery to him.  Sleight-of-hand artist Herman the Great disarms a cowboy - but the trick doesn't work when bandits try it on Bat.
The Snare 3/17/60 Bat rides the trail alone into the gun of the Yaqui Kid toward almost certain death.  The Kid, a heartless scoundrel, has killed a friend of Bat's.  In pursuit of the killer, the sheriff is murdered and the posse fails, so Bat decides to go it alone.
Three Bullets for Bat 3/24/60 It's the rifle-squad at dawn and his back to the wall for Bat because of a strange adventure involving nonexistent gems.
The Reluctant Witness 3/31/60 Bat tries a poker bluff in an effort to save Ellie Winters from a murder charge.  The reluctant witness on whom Ellie has been depending to save her fails to show up.  Bat enlists Wyatt Earp to handle her case.
Come out Fighting 4/7/60 Bat, arrested en route to a championship boxing match, finds himself arraigned before infamous "fining judge" Malachi Brody - a formidable and vindictive man of the law.
Stage to Nowhere 4/14/60 Stagecoaches disappear when Bat executes a plan to thwart road agents.  the highwaymen's quarry is silver bullion being transported in the stagecoaches; Bat's ingenious plan to frustrate the thieves is an early milestone in crime-busting history.
Incident at Fort Bowie 4/21/60 A horse thief hijacks a herd of cavalry stock from horse trader Bat.  Bat's problem:  Find and deliver the horses - and bring the criminal to justice.
Masterson's Arcadia Club 4/28/60 Underworld character Mace Gunnison takes over the town of Liberal, Kansas, and appropriates Bat's name and identity.
Welcome to Paradise 5/5/60 Bat is held up for an exorbitant fine when he rides into the town of Paradise, Colorado.  the charge: Carrying fire arms. 
A Grave Situation 5/12/60 Bat baits a trap with more than $15,000 in order to catch cattle thieves who are preying on the herd of his friend Hugh Blaine.
Gold is Where you Steal It 5/19/60 It's fiesta time in Southern California when Bat becomes involved with a Spanish beauty and a bandit who terrorizes the region.
Wanted ... Alive, Please! 5/26/60 Bat accomplishes one of his greatest public services when he stops the smuggling of diseased cattle across the Rio Grande into the U.S.
The Elusive Baguette  6/2/60 Bat plays bodyguard to a reigning San Francisco beauty and her fabulous diamond.  This makes him a prime suspect with the gem disappears.
The Big Gamble 6/16/60 Prospector Steve Fansler is the most recent of a long line of gold seekers who disappear en route to the famous Lost Dutchman Mine.   This is of special interest to investor Bat who staked Steve's expedition.
Blood on the Money 6/23/60 In the search for the young man to whom he is carrying a bequest, Bat buys information from a cattle baron.  The man fails to give him value received and Bat is misled and cheated - but not for long.
Barbary Castle 6/30/60 Not everybody knows somebody who has smuggled a whole castle into the United States - but Bat knows one:  Capt. Angus MacLeod.  the "old salt" has brought in a Scottish Castle, stone by stone, and set it up in San Francisco.

3ª Temporada
Debt of Honor 9/29/60 Bat's friend Cactus Charlie hayden strikes gold.  when he repays Bat for staking him, it's revealed that the gold is part of a missing shipment.
Law of the Land 10/6/60 Though his sympathies lie with the open range cattlemen in their fight against their old enemy, the railroads, Bat doesn't countenance their lawlessness. 
Bat Trap 10/13/60 Bat has his hands full at Midas Creek.  The town council hires him to judge the turkey-shoot, and make sure the bully-boy Rance Fletcher doesn't mess up the fun.
The Rage of Princess Anne 10/20/60 Bat, in partnership with mine owner Augustus Ulbrecht, reaps the wages of mismanagement.
The Hunter 10/27/60 When Sir Edward Marion unexpectedly downs a famous "fast gun," he attains a certain dangerous notoriety, which brings him to the notice of Bat.
Murder Can be Dangerous 11/3/60 Gambling hall owner Bat is mystified when business booms but profits plummet.  Investigating, he finds his partner's fingers in the cash drawer.
High Card Loses 11/10/60 Gallant Bat turns Cupid's little mailman.  when the man escorting three mail-order brides to Noble Creek is shot, Bat becomes his replacement.
Dakota Showdown 11/17/60 Bat has his work cut out for him after brothers Jeb, Gus, and Jocko Dakota gun down the lawman in their town.
Last of the Night Raiders 11/24/60 The Doolin boys, one of the roughest crowds on the frontier, terrorize Angie Pierce and her son.  Angie seeks Bat's protection.
Last Stop to Austin 12/1/60 Bat sees in a youthful gunslinger the image of an old friend who had died in an Indian battle years ago.  He sets out to discover if the boy is the orphaned son of his friend.
A Time to Die 12/15/60 Bat has important testimony to offer at the trial of H.C. Smith, charged with murdering Bat's friend during a card game.
Death by Decree 12/22/60 Shot Gun Falls' gambling casino, with a string of debts tied to it, falls to Bat in the will of a gambler friend.  When Bat is pressed for payment on the mortgage, he discovers the property's value has unexpectedly increased.
The Lady Plays Her Hand  12/29/60 Daphne Kaye, blackjack dealer at Bat's casino, officiates while gambler George Winston breaks the bank.  She ends up out of work, and Bat ends up out one casino.
Tempest at Tioga Pass 1/5/61 Bat helps Clyde Richards' crew build a road westward from Nevada to California.
The Court Martial of Major Mars 1/12/61 Not comfort and rest, but capture and torture, await Major Liam Mars when he arrives by stage at Crazy Creek station, in company with Bat and Miss Lottie Tremaine.
The Price of Paradise 1/19/61 People such as tax collectors, Bat, and other credits are thrown out of Walker Hayes' saloon when they come in to collect from Hayes.
End of the Line 1/26/61 All in a day's work for railroader Bat: fire, Indians, hail, and the loss of two wagons of expensive equipment go over a cliff, carrying 4 men with it.
The Prescott Campaign 2/2/61 Bat faces a question: Is Marshal Ben Hol the law, or not the law?
Bullwhacker's Bounty 2/16/61 It's "wagons, ho!" when wagon master Bat leads a convoy carrying explosives.  For want of better manpower, he settles for some not-too-trustworthy renegades.
A Lesson in Violence 2/23/61 A shotgun-toting Texas lady meets Bat when he goes to Nora Grant's farm in Beaumont, Texas.  this is most surprising as his arrival is in response to an urgent telegram that he hurry there.
Run for Your Money 3/2/61 Bat turns banker in Denver and discovers that having gold isn't enough - you've got to be able to convince other people you've got it.
Terror on the Trinity 3/9/61 "The twain" finally meet in a Bat Masterson adventure involving a beautiful Chinese girl and a gigantic young man in an adventure involving a lottery and a mining claim.
Episode in Eden 3/16/61 Bat stakes his life to establish justice in the desert town of Eden, New Mexico.
The Good and the Bad 3/23/61 Gallant Bat ransoms a Medal of Honor in an adventure with heartless men.
No Amnesty for Death 3/30/61 The town of Las Tables is about to hang three men when Bat finds Marshal MacWilliams' son hiding in the Las Tables graveyard.
Ledger of Guilt 4/6/61 The town of Meeker, Colorado, is made frightful by the invasion of three men set upon killing one of its women.
Meeting at Mimbres 4/13/61 Bat is on the scene when horse-thieves Cat and Jess Crail try to trigger a war between two Indian tribes.
Valley of Death 4/20/61 Army Civilian Scout Bat nearly gets his neck stretched in an affair involving Colorado politics.
The Fourth Man 4/27/61 When Bat arrives in Lordsbury to meet a friend, he changes his mind, making a different appointment instead.
Dead Man's Claim  5/4/61 The cry of "Silver!" is heard again in Monument city, ghost mining camp once scene of a historic silver strike.  Prospector Bat, who has an old claim, returns to Monument city to find he's roadblocked by a pair of interlopers.
The Marble Slab 5/11/61 Bat becomes a "Pinkerton."  The famous detective agency, baffled in their attempts to expose crime chieftain John Kelso, enlists Bat to find evidence that will put him behind bars permanently.
Farmer with a Badge 5/18/61 Bat nearly gets one tombstone more than he bargained for while en route to Tombstone, Arizona. 
The Fatal Garment 5/25/61 Bat takes on the job of guard and bouncer in El Paso's famed Royal flush Saloon.  Before Bat can earn his keep, he runs into serious trouble.
Jeopardy at Jackson Hole 6/1/61 It's a showdown at Jackson Hole when Bat ferrets out the men who murdered one of his friends.

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